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China’s Textile Industry: How Dirty Are Your Jeans?
December 7, 2010, 4:59 pm
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This is a very interesting article about mainland textile towns and all the pollution involved in the production of jeans and bras that people use all over the world. Greenpeace has been there and the photos are quite enlightening.

“The town of Xintang is known as “The Jeans Capital of the World” and produces over 260 million pairs of jeans annually. They make 40% of the jeans sold in American every year, and account for 60% of China’s total jeans output. Many children and elderly take part in the production, clipping loose threads for 0.15 yuan per pair (about 30 yuan per day.)

Gurao is known as “the capital of sexy” and produced more than 200 million bras last year. Children take part here as well, attaching bra straps to machine accessories for 0.30 yuan per 100 straps, which can earn them 20 to 30 yuan per day.

Tests on local rivers in both towns found five heavy metals (cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, and copper) in 17 out of 21 samples taken. Cadmium concentrations were 128 times higher than Chinese environmental limits. Locals complain that they can no longer drink the water and the fish have disappeared.”


“The Great Wall and the Tiananmen Legacy” is a book by the portuguese author Raquel Vaz-Pinto that talks about China and human rights. I’m reading it and when I finish it I will write about it here.

Interview with Liu Xia
December 7, 2010, 11:14 am
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Liu Xiaobo’s wife talked with The New York Times before the Noble Prize was given to the chinese activist. In this interview, Liu Xia gives her opinion about the real country, the one tourists don’t see when they visit China. Watch it here.